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  • Education 

    Parsons School of Design - The New School

    Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) 2020-2022

    Design & Technology

    Arts, Sciences, and Technology University in Lebanon

    Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) 2010-2012

    Business Administration & Management


    Executive Education Certificate

    Strategy in The Age of Digital Disruption - Digital Transformation

  • Community

    Organization, Membership, Involvement

    Impact Entrepreneurship Fellow

    April 2020-Present

    Impact Entrepreneurship Graduate Fellowship at The New School

    Business Mentor

    November 2018-Present

    Helping startups with their business needs and helping early stage businesses better organize, strategize, and manage their business.


    November 2018-Present

    Member of the local Out in Tech Community in NYC.


    November 2018-Present

    Member at Code & Supply Community


    November 2018-Present

    Member of Google's Women TechMakers & Mid-Level Career Women Techmakers

  • Current Projects

    A selection of projects I'm working on

    Critical Computation Lab Projects

    p5.js, Flow Charts, Camera Lens, Interaction

    This link contains projects developed on p5.js

    Major Studio 1 Projects

    7 in 7, Concept Development, Research,


    Design for this Century

    Mapping, Research, Recitation


  • Portfolio

    Past Projects

    Credit: from the startup pitch presentation - Austin, April 2019


    StoryHelper.io is an AI platform that helps writers with motivation, completion, and publication. The platform helps writers overcome their writer’s block through nudges and gamified prompts and helps them build better stories using algorithms and data from millions of machine-fed books. I worked on the research for the idea and its validation during an LGBTQiA+ hackathon in Austin. During the hackathon, we studied the problems writers face before reaching the point of publishing. We collected primary data by reaching out to writers and people who’d like to publish a book in their life. After collecting secondary data we allocated three pain points and addressed potential solutions for each through this online platform using AI. We used the lean canvas methodology and the above image is a mockup of the prototype website.


    Photo credit: from the startup pitch presentation - Austin, April 2019

    Personal photos of the headpieces taken by me and HOY photographer


    I create headpieces, from raw and found materials, that tell a story of a mood, character or environment combining art, craftsmanship, and technology.


    Photo credit: Personal photos of the headpieces taken by me and House Of Yes photographer.

    Photo taken by me when I worked on this event.

    Conference program management - Arabnet

    I worked on creating content for Arabnet conferences in the MENA region from 2013-2016.

    Researched the latest technologies and news in the tech industry worldwide to create engagement topics and programs for entrepreneurs, experts, and attendees. I curated and created content related to: media, technology, hardware, software, startups, entrepreneurship, tech investments, smart cities, financial technology, and innovation.


    Photo credit: Photo taken by me when I worked on this event.

    Photo credit: Arabnet

    Creators and technologists competitions - Arabnet

    Worked on putting together Arabnet competitions for supporting creators and technologists in the MENA region from 2013 - 2016. I worked on the below competitions on planning the contests, sourcing the participants, marketing, pre-event training, and day-of production and management of pitches and awards.

    Innovation Avenue: Exhibiting new tech hardware devices.

    Startup Demo: Contest for entrepreneurs with a validated idea, functional prototype, or launched startup.

    Ideation: Contest for startup ideas.

    Creative Combat: Contest for creative designers and marketers.

    Battle of the Games: Contest for game creators.

    Including expert engagement, entrepreneurs engagements, logistics, and training.


    Photo credit: Arabnet

    Immersive AR Experience - In development

    Irti7(h)al, A Willful Coming Out - إرتحال

    Irti7al explores how the act of being visible in the LGBTQiA+ community is both a revolution and a risk — and how visibility was both threatened and amplified in the mid-2000s in a distinctly conservative Lebanon. We would like to emphasize security and privacy in using technology and its importance for the LGBTQiA+ community through an AR soundscape and costume design that interact with each other to tell the transformative journey of deciding to be visible. Exploring interactive storytelling in 360 sound, using the Bose AR glasses for creating the sound experience.


    Cover photo credit: taken at Superreal - August 2019 - NYC

    Social Return - Idea Stage Startup

    NGOs & Civil society organizations(CSOs) face hardships in attaining funds not only from donors but also from the private sector corporates who are investing in shared value projects as part of their corporate social responsibility strategies.

    ‘Social Return’ is an online platform which helps corporates who want to invest in shared value activities from civil society organizations by suggesting relevant projects by sector/industry. The platform will measure the social impact of each project by compiling a report which will qualify and quantify the company’s social return on investment.

    I created and pitched this idea at a social boot camp in 2016 [IMPACT Beirut]. I created the roadmap for taking it from an idea to a startup and applied the lean canvas methodology. Later in 2017, I worked on its digital strategy as part of INSEAD's strategy in the age of digital disruption course.

    Personal photo taken at ARTECHOUSE: Machine Hallucinations project exhibition - Sep 2019 NYC

    Program and Digital Strategies

    Photo credit: A photo I took at ARTECHOUSE: Machine Hallucinations project exhibition - Sep 2019 NYC
    Contest logo by the graphic designer the Darwazah center worked with

    Student Innovation Contest - AUB

    I lead the competition for the engagement of entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs at the American University of Beirut 2017 - 2019. I planned the lean canvas and pitching training and workshops, and lead the sourcing of participants through marketing. I also organized activities for helping the students and entrepreneurs with the guidance and mentorship on their idea. Additionally, I organized and lead the demo day, along with working on partnerships, marketing, and engaging the media.


    Photo credit: Contest logo by the graphic designer the Darwazah center worked with

    From my presentation of the project

    Enhancing the Capabilities of Civil Society Organizations

    I created a plan for this project that was funded by the EU. The focus was to enhance the capabilities and skills of civil society organizations in the north of Lebanon. I lead and worked on the project in 2016. I launched the project for stakeholders at an event with 500 attendees.I also worked on the media, partnerships, and marketing,

    Lego building - personal photo

    Tech-entrepreneurship Ecosystem Mapping

    I created a mind map for the tech-entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lebanon for Netways. This research helped them with their hunt for investing in tech startups and collaborating with individuals and startup support entities.


    Photo credit: Lego building - personal photo

    Screenshot of the report by Arabnet

    The State of Digital Investments in MENA Report

    I researched and collected data for the first version of The State of Digital Investments in MENA report by Arabnet. I lead the initial data collection in 2014.


    Photo credit: Report by Arabnet

    Digital Prestige online magazine

    I curated and co-created content on technology, entrepreneurship, and media for the prototype of Digital Prestige. I also did the voice over for the first prototype piece.

    Digital Prestige is a media reference platform that streams the region's "Positive" news in the form of storytelling, trends, successes, creations, case studies, and reports. Content that provides insights to the user, creatively through videos, podcasts, and articles. Targeting the modern individual through the main categories of "Business, Culture, and Style".

    Sub Rang Society Website

    Worked on editing and organizing Sub Rang Society organization's website during a whole day volunteer hacking at Out in Tech - Digital Corps in New York City at eBay offices.


    I created the user guide for this project which was developed on Wordpress.

    It's a comprehensive document for Sub Rang Society team to be able to keep their site up-to-date and modify it. This includes instructions to edit and change the content, access administration panels, add writing contributors, monitor posts and comments, moderate and take down comments, add/remove photos, etc.

    I also worked with a team of volunteers on the website's layout and text.

    Website: Subrangsociety.org


    We developed this website for a marginalized group in a country and region where being LGBTQI is a crime and one can face horrific punishment. We've given them a voice to help spread awareness to help others in our community in Pakistan in need.


    Photos from the building day at eBay offices in NYC.

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